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I would like to thank all that have pledged, shared or supported the Light-step chronicles comic on kick-starter. Thanks to you guys the project got funded, and Iam grateful.
Just 5 days left on the Lightstep chronicles comic kickstarter. It still needs 15 percent of the sum to get funded. Please spread the word.…
Hey guys. The publisher of the comic-book Ive been working on for some time now, is running a kick-starter campaign. So please give them a visit and support.
Sorry for spamming lately with kick-starter projects, but I think that if people were more willing to spread the word or support worthy projects we would have more cool, author created games, comics, films etc, instead of what industry and some group of producers come up with.

So please check out Gary Turner`s I Mage. I think it makes an imaginative crossover between two so far unrelated universes. Thanks.…
I was asked by :iconninegirls: to help spread the word about her kick-starter campaign. The game promises to be a fresh approach to point and click, both in design and game-play, so please check it out and support as you are able:…

Last 50 hours on the campaign for the art-book featuring my work by PerForce Publishing
So you better hurry if you want to get into the action:)…


Recently Ive been contacted by Kirk Lindo, you may know for his sexy Vampress Luxura comic, from PerForce Publishing with a very nice offer to get an art-book with my work published. I naturally thought that it is a very god idea:). If you believe this to be a good idea and would like to help out, he is running a kickstarter campaign at.…

Thank you for your time

I have some free time so Ive decided to take commissions again, but it is a bit limited so Ill be taking only waist up and single character commissions.

waist up:

Mature Content

Narutana by nunchaku

Mature Content

Zanfu by nunchaku
Unacceptable! by nunchaku

full figure:
Supafly pimp'a by nunchaku Oldie3 by nunchaku

Payment trough pay-pall after sketch approval.
If you are interested please note me.
Comic Logo by nunchaku

Hi guys. Ive created a patreon page for my comic. I am doing this project in my free time; for fun, and is progressing fine as it is, but I think I can improve it with some support, so please visit and help if you can:

The wonderful people that have supported my comic so far:

My kickstarter campaign didn't meet its funding goal. Iam very disappointed, it would have been a great comic. I have some thinking and soul-searching to do, and figure out what to do next. A huge thanks to all the people that have helped by supporting the project directly or have contributed in any other way. 
These wonderful people supported my comic:

Maja Samardzija
Helena Rey
Dusan B Knezevic
Nenad Sugic
Sasa Arsenic
Milisav Bankovic
Borivoje Grbić
Tiberiu Beka
Zarko Milicevic
Rajko Radosavljevic
Marko Stojanovic
Joel Lim
Sanja Umićević
Petar J Petrovic
Miroljub Milutinovic
Jelena Andrejevic
Sergio Alonso León
Ana Janevic
Jasna Jovanovic
Milos Milosevic
Dalibor Petrovic
Darko Štetin
Ivan Prelevic
Miroslav Lazovich
Vladimir Matic-Kurylev
Chris Arrant
Toni Fejzula

Jeremy Mohler
Bojan Djukic
David Jones
Bart Nauwelaerts
Fabien Dreuil
Valdaimir Vesovic

Chris Buchner

Jarreau Wimberly

Daniel Goldman

Joe D. Espinosa

Kirk Lindo

Dan Hale

jerry ma  
Kenneth Trainer  
Mattias Sossna  
Jeff Williams  
Douglas Campos  
Karl Josef Gstettner  
Rik Spruitenburg  
Adrian Nelson  
Jay Ju  
Stuart Taylor
Amy Clark
Timothy Fischer  
Michael Lee
Peter James Christensen  
Nikola Todorovic  
Petar Bajic
Mehmet Krljic
Gerald Himmelein  
Demi Sneed  
Will Penny
Peter Kuebeck
Andy Kitzke
Craig Hackl
Scott Early  
Joshua Wolfe
Robert Clark
President Nelson  
Brian McDonald
Cynthia Ann  
Trip the Space Parasite  
Martin Sharp
Robert Sanzone
Kevin Kauffman
chris stewart  
Christopher Thomsen
Mark Aspinall
Christopher Stoll  
Hans Erik Danielsen
Troy Truchon
Scott P 'Doc' Vaughn
Ben Manuszak
Jeffrey Mancebo  
William Delmar III  
Ben Angotti
Andrew Kilian  
Dean Reilly  
Michael Lo
Fred Peñaloza  
Loni Martin (The Maoh)  
Thomas Zilling - Tormented WoOS of OOoE  
Fannar Vilhelmsson  
Sean Harrington  
Nick May
Steven Harbron  
Michael Katsuro Ricksand  
Power up
James Nealy
Tyrone Wested
Gunnar Hogberg
Virgil Balibanu  
Joel Wismer
Robert Rosenthal  
Attila Kiss
Badger King
Brett Bennett  
Aurélien PECHEUR  
Sean Moore  
Eric Bard  
Trey Stone
Kevin Dempsey  
adnane T  
Rumena Najchevska
Jeremiah McCarty
Brad Dunlap
James Gwinnell  
Zoltan Bobics
Javier García-Miranda  
Jarosław Ejsymont
Andreas Bringmann
William Growden
Jordan Kroeger
John Allen IV
Freddy Kruegerl  
Diana Nguyen
Jerry Walter  
Lawrence M.
Lusipher Diablo
Daniel Webster
Matt K  
Prabu Abraham  
Jon Pestana
Ben Tan
Justin Young
Daniel Astermo  
Emil Skovgaard Andersen
Minh Duy Pham  
Sandy Lu  
Michael Murphy  
Elias Politakis  
Nicholas Chew  
David Riley
rafael gavina
João França Pereira
Gergely Szalkai  
Carmen Hewko  
Branislav Trajkovic  
Jeremy Pellegrin  
Michele Paoli  
Dominic Quach  
Vladimir Stanisic
Ilija Djuric

 You guys are great THANKS. If I forgot to mention someone I apologize, it is not due to lack of gratitude, just an oversight on my part.
Slave-trade by nunchaku…
Tim was kind enough to help me with my own kickstarter, so I thought to return the favor, and if nothing else help him spread the word:
Swordplay Kickstarter has Launched! by comixmill…
There is just 20 days left on my kickstarter campaign and just under 6000$ needed to reach the goal sum. I think its gonna be though, but I remain optimistic. I think that at this point I have done everything I could, so I just need to sit down and let it run its course. Thanks to everyone that has supported this comic. You guys are great:)

I wold like to thank all that have supported my kickstarter campaign so far. Your help and support i highly appreciated.
Unfortunately the campaign seam to have slowed down somewhat. To anyone that can help  make it more popular by posting, shearing or tweeting about it, I would be very grateful:…

Thank you

Enchanted Explorer kickstarter banner by nunchaku

Ive just launched a kickstarter campaign for my comic-book Enchanted Explorer. Please visit and if you like what you see help if you can:…

Ive also devised a simple contest here, so you can get some nice rewards and help me spread the word:
-If you post the link for the campaign and the enchanted Explorer banner in my galery on 4 places on the web, and IF the campaighn is successfully funded you will get a free one character  full color art from me.
 Ill do 5 of these since they take some time to do so the quantity is limited.
-If you post it on 3 places or come after the first 15(if that many apply), and once the campaign is funded you'll get a pencil drawing free request from me.
  This one is limited to 15
-If you post it on 2 sites or come after the first 20, and once the campaign gets funded, youll get a first 22 pages episode of the E.Explorer free digital download(the full book is 64pages).

Please bare in mind that all of this are redeemable only if the campaign gets funded. Also please absolutely no spamming. Post only on the sites or forums where such posts are acceptable and welcomed. You can also post it on your personal profiles on various sites, like here on DA(but please no last minute created ones). You can also link a video file if you`d like:…

You can send me links of your posts to:

Ive always been very enthusiastic about comic-books, but although Ive done more than 300 pages in my carrier they were mostly web based and short stories. It was always my dream to do a longer classic story of my own design.

Thank you
I've made the announcement some time ago and the pieces finally fell into place. On Sunday the 2 of march I will finally be launching my Kick-starter campaign for my personal comic book project Enchanted Explorer.
So please keep an eye up for it and support if you can.
OK, so Ive made a blog. Ill be posting mostly sketchy stuff there so if that is something you like to see please feel free to visit.
OK, so i was planning to get a couple of figures printed out, and got this offer from a professional printing company that is way over my budget. Around 700 for a 20-25 cm figurine. Does anyone have any experience with companies out there that would charge less and still offer a descent service. I was planing on offering the figurines as a reward on my kickstarter that i plan on running so 700 would really not do. Or is this the standard price and I should shelf this idea. Any advice is appreciated.
I was just summoned to this deviants page, that claims he is exploiting some system glitch on the site to summon as much deviants as possible to his profile. He claims to be doing it just for fun, but Iam concerned that it may be some form of misuse. Any insight is helpful.

I think that this case proves that people seem to confuse creativity with popularity.
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OK so Ive filled my commission quota. Here is the roster so you can keep up with your commissions. It is organized it by the way the commissions came in.
:iconpresidentnelson:-commission finished
:iconmasterokiakai:-commission finished
:iconmihoshik:-commission finished
:iconluke-crowe:-commission  finished
:iconssmontgo:-commission  finished
:iconbigbusiness81:-commission finished
:iconhunterk2300:-commission finished
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